Get the exact training methods of the world's top fitness icons.

Here's what you can expect.

  • World-class fitness athletes.

    We have an A-team of world-class athletes to choose from. All you have to ask yourself is who you want to train with, and what your goals are.

  • Abundance of choice.

    With a constantly growing repertoire of programs to choose from, you'll find the right program for you and your goals, no problem.

  • Elevate your fitness.

    With many ambitious features in development, Fitplan is revving up to change the way you train, and accelerate your accomplishments.

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As fitness enthusiasts, we wanted to find a better way to train in the gym.

We were tired of following workout programs using a pen and paper or the notepad on our iPhones. We wanted to learn from the athletes that inspire us and we wanted it to be easy.

Fitplan was born in early 2015 with the mission to make it easy to follow the exact training methods of the world’s top athletes.

So far, we have partnered with 15 athletes, including such heavyweights as Jeff Seid, Sergi Constance and Katie Chung Hua to have their programs in the Fitplan app.

We are now less than a month away from launch! Soon you will be able to use your iPhone to follow the exact training methods of all these inspiring athletes.

Exciting things are happening. Stay tuned.

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